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DFB External Training,
O’Brien Institute,
Malahide Road,
Dublin 3.


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Welcome to DFB External Training

DFB External Training was established by Dublin Fire Brigade (DFB) as an independent training service. We can provide essential fire, rescue, medical and health & safety courses to private and public sector organisations as well as individuals.

All our instructors are qualified fire officers and paramedics, providing the latest in emergency training. The content and delivery of all our courses are of the highest quality in excellence and best practice.

We are situated in the O’Brien Institute (OBI), the largest fire brigade training centre in Ireland. Training with us offers you access to state of the art equipment and a technical library only available to Dublin Fire Brigade.

Dublin Fire Brigades Training Centre, the O'Brien Institute (OBI)

Dublin Fire Brigade’s Training Centre, the O’Brien Institute (OBI) in Marino


Why train with DFB External Training?

Attending a course with Dublin Fire Brigade means instructors with unrivalled expertise in safety training. As trained firefighters/paramedics, our instructors know first hand the realities of hazardous situations and how best to react. DFB External Training goes beyond providing you with training that simply meets your obligatory requirements. We ensure that you have best practice procedures in place within your organisation to deal with emergencies and to ensure safe handling of any situations you may face.

As your education provider of choice, we are able to offer you reassurance, reliability, flexibility and the highest quality instruction from the most credible training provider in Ireland. We never lose sight of our objective as part of Dublin Fire Brigade to protect our community. Training with us will also enhance your corporate social responsibility strategy as all our profits are used to create greater awareness of fire safety in the community.

DFB External Training has two key objectives:
  • to educate people in best practice fire and safety procedures
  • to generate profits to fund fire safety awareness initiatives in the community

Please feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can help you or alternatively you can use the Request a Call Back form and we will contact you.