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DFB External Training,
O’Brien Institute,
Malahide Road,
Dublin 3.


(+353 1) 222 4199



DFB External Training is located in the Dublin Fire Brigade training centre, also known as the O’Brien Institute (OBI), in Marino, Dublin 3.

The training centre operates full-time year round, not only training members of Dublin Fire Brigade but also operating commercial and public training, local authority training and training for other fire services (both Irish and international).

The grounds provide the perfect setting for a variety of courses, recruit training, exercises and endless other possibilities and scenarios.

  • Canteen & Tea/Coffee Area
  • Free Car Parking
  • Class/ Lecture Rooms:
    With a large number of classrooms, lecture rooms and training rooms. Ranging from 6 people to 164 people. All rooms can be arranged and prepared as required for your needs.
  • Conference Area
  • Bathroom / Shower Facilities
  • Drill Yards
  • Breathing Apparatus Training Facilities including Ship
  • Wheelchair Accessible

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