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Scrap Vehicle Donation

Are you the registered owner of a car or vehicle that is at the end of its life? Why not donate it to the Dublin Fire Brigade Training Centre?

Dublin Fire Brigade requires scrap vehicles to assist in maintaining the highest standards of Road Traffic Collision training for its firefighters/paramedics.

Your donated vehicle will be used by DFB to train new recruits as well as for on going training of operational staff. Vehicle design is constantly changing and new technologies are being introduced by manufactures. Firefighters and officers need to train regularly to keep their skills up to date with these new developments in how to safely and efficiently extricate casualties from crashed vehicles.

Scrap car on its side being used for training Donacted car being used for Paramedic / Road Traffic Collision Training

Contact Us

For further details please contact DFB Training Centre by calling (01) 222 4199 (Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00). Alternatively you can request a call back.