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Compartment Fire Fighting Instructors Course

Course overview

The Certificate in Compartment Fire Fighting is the only Edexcel- accredited compartment firefighting course available in Ireland and the UK.

Who should attend?

The course is designed and highly recommended for fully qualified firefighters who will be required to train fellow firefighters within their brigade. Completion of the course will equip them with the latest approaches and techniques in compartment firefighting and the skills to educate others in this area.

Course Programme

The delivery of the course is through a combination of discussion-led and practical sessions. There are also a variety of experiments which will be carried out during the course to reinforce what is covered in the discussions. The course offers applicants the flexibility to sit individual modules at different times or to undertake all three at the one time. The course can be to award or certificate level depending on the organisations need.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of compartment fire behaviour

Unit 1 of the course deals with the fundamentals of compartment fire behaviour. On completion the student will:
  • understand the principles of combustion and compartment fire behaviour and how fire develops and spreads within a compartment and how it can be extinguished
  • understand the methods used by firefighters to deal with and prevent fire development within a compartment
  • understand the safety procedures relating to fire development within a compartment and how to implement them

Unit 2: Application of compartment fire behaviour training

Unit 2 concentrates on the application of Compartment Fire Behaviour Training (CFBT). On completion the student will be able to:
  • demonstrate the appropriate tactical ventilation procedures and understand their beneficial effects
  • demonstrate the appropriate extinguishing and cooling techniques prior to entry
  • demonstrate the appropriate entry techniques, recognise the signs of potential danger in the environment and apply the appropriate tactics
  • use the appropriate procedures for operating the carbonaceous CFBT training simulator unit

Unit 3: Application of PPV training

Finally Unit 3 focuses on the application of Positive Pressure Ventilation Training. On completion the student will be able to
  • demonstrate the appropriate operational positive pressure ventilation (PPV) techniques
  • demonstrate the appropriate entry and air control techniques, recognise the hazards and risks associated with using PPV techniques, and implement the appropriate emergency procedures
  • apply the appropriate operating procedures for the carbonaceous positive pressure ventilation (PPV) training facility.

Course Brochure

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How to book?

Our booking team is available to discuss this training course in more detail with you and how it can meet your needs.

We can also provide bespoke training programmes for your organisation, incorporating this course and other relevant courses.

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